The Half Moon Bay Soccer Club is a competitive soccer club. The club sponsors coastside CYSA youth soccer teams between Montara and Pescadero.

Mission Statement - We plan to provide a safe and positive environment in which your children may excel in soccer. They will meet personal and team challenges that will make them grow and learn. We aim to be good role models, and will support and assist them in meeting these challenges that will make them good athletes, students, and citizens.

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California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA)  

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Redwood Soccer League 

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What is CYSA soccer?   California Youth Soccer Association - This in a competitive, developmental soccer program designed for those players who have a greater interest in a commitment in advancing his/her skills.   These player compete in leagues during the fall and spring that typically involve traveling to other areas and may involve both Saturday and/or Sunday.  They will also compete in a number of tournaments throughout the year. 

Players and parents must understand that this is a competitive program and in order to participate in this level of soccer they must attend practice regularly and be committed to attending games.

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